About our company

Movers Trusted was founded in 2022, dedicated to providing verified, trusted, and dedicated movers for all your moving needs. Using our unique search tool allows our customers to find the perfect mover every time they search.

Two movers moving a shelf up the stairs into a home.Up close shot of a mover carrying a box.
Two movers taking a break on the box truck with boxes in front of them.
Movers signing up with a clip board in this hand.
Two movers lifting a accent chair into a moving van.

We have only one goal: To help you find your perfect mover.

You have a lot on your plate. We want to help alleviate your stress by providing pre-vetted moving companies based on your specific travel plans and needs.

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Top view from inside the moving van of a mover putting a box into it.
Happy clients

We have helped over a thousand clients

Our clients are our lifeblood. Without you we would be nothing in a vast world of opportunity. Your trust in our ability to provide the right movers for any job are a blessing.

Our happy clients are rising by the day as well as our dedicated moving companies, willing to go above and beyond to provide you the best moving experience possible.

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The values that drive everything we do

Our core values are what allow us to maintain the name Movers Trusted. We hold these values above all else.


We are dedicated to providing excellent service, results, and options to all our customers. Using verified results, we aim to meet that goal.


The quality of our movers is extremely important to us. Using unique vetting strategies, we provide the best movers for your moving needs.


Our movers are provided a premium badge for their extra effort and dedication to quality of service to our customers.


We provide full transparency for all our movers to give them an equal opportunity to thrive in our marketplace.


Easily access thousands of movers with a couple clicks using our search tool. We aim to end the bad user experiences many run into.


Our commitment to service and quality results stands strong. We dedicate our team to providing the best local movers search results possible.